What is Ladies Encampment

Ladies Encampment is a sub division of Rayfield Family Literacy.
It is dedicated to bringing women into a more intimate relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior with Prayer and praise, meditation, study of the Scriptures and loving fellowship.

*We are friends:
Old friends making new friends, always allowing the circle to grow wider.
*We are sisters:
Accepting one another and challenging each other to grow in our faith.
*We are image-bearers:
Like Father, like daughter, we take Christ in us to our community, revealing
His love and grace to a broken world.

Contact Ladies Encampment

For more info on our next Event or our Organization, Sponsorship or Assistance Call Senetta or Fannie at 1-800-913-5481, Click to visit the Ladies Encampment Website at or fill in the form below .