Skills & Adult Training by Certified, Caring Instructional Staff

Work Skills

Rayfield Literacy Center provides diverse opportunities to learn advanced work skills. We train participants under the direction of certifies staff to learn all aspects of employment. Each consumer is compensated for his work. Our food pantry employs disabled adults who are not a danger to themselves or others.


Our instructional materials are consisted with the school districts in dade and broward counties. The learning materials provide sequential experiences that take into account every student's individualized needs. The materials correlate with the comprehensive researched based reading and math plan for persons with disabilities.

Multi Ethnic Staff

This agency has a multi-ethnic staff. The procedures and time lines of progress are reported to families in their native language when necessary and appropriate. Each direct care staff is required to provide written reports of the progress. All sessions are conducted by certified staff.

Behavior Analysis

We provide applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapists. They assist clients with behavioral development and overcoming mental and social disabilities. ABA therapists work with autistic individuals and other developmentally-disabled clients. These professionals use reward systems to reinforce positive, learned behaviors. Other techniques include incidental teaching, pivotal response training and milieu therapy.